RETRIEVER: Is a new, clean-sheet designed extreme-mobility-vehicle offering new opportunities for vehicular access across mud-slides, deep snow, earthquake sharps, sand-drifts, and tsunami beach barriers. Its step-change industry-disruptive design creates new rescue and access opportunities since RETRIEVER will readily cross extreme gradients and side slopes and, as it's fully amphibious, can cross floods and other water barriers. These capabilities enable RETRIEVER to reach people and infrastructure otherwise unreachable using existing vehicles, and it'll do this in the worst of weathers. It is wholly-modern, highly digitally connected, tele-operable, fully-modular, and rapidly field-repairable, offering on-site exportable power, and designed to be intuitive, efficient and effective to operate. It offers significant advantages over existing vehicles and is specifically intended to enhance current access across difficult terrains. It will fill the current mobility gap for a wide range of organisations world-wide.

UK Innovate Smart Grant Award 2016

Finalist (Ongoing) 2020

In addition to search and rescue, RETRIEVER will be of interest to organisations working in difficult terrains or extreme environments. For more information click on and select from the RETRIEVER tab above.

International Patents. Pending