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Retriever is a wholly new and highly innovative ultra-high-mobility vehicle specifically designed for unmatched off-road capability. It'll transport people and equipment across the most difficult of terrains during the worst of weathers.  With a 2 tonne load capacity and full amphibious capability built-in, it provides certainty that you can get where you need to be!  It is intended to meet the commercial and relief needs of users world-wide and is highly and robustly digitally integrated.  It can be driven from on-board but also includes full remote operation as standard.  

International Patents Pending

Site Under Development

Designed to cross avalanche run-out zones, urban earthquake sharps, floods, mudslides, sand / snow drifts, scree, and tsunami beach barriers, as well as extreme gradients and side slopes, RETRIEVER provides you certainty-of-access to meet your operational needs. You can now access areas you could never previously reach, and rescuers can now access people and infrastructure otherwise cut-off using existing vehicles. 


RETRIEVER meets the extreme mobility needs of all organisations who absolutely have to get where they need to be, and fully answers the UN's call for improved rescue vehicles!


Its from-scratch legacy-free design has produced a vehicle of unmatched capability, that's intuitive to operate, is robust, easily transported, readily and rapidly field-repairable, and is fully digitally-connected and fully amphibious. RETRIEVER fills the mobility gap for a wide range of organisations world-wide and will be of interest to all organisations working in difficult terrains or extreme environments. To learn more - please click here.

Winner of UK Innovate Smart Grant Award 2016

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