RETRIEVER extends human global resilience to increasing natural disasters and climate change by providing transport of unmatched capability able to readily operate in extreme weathers and across extreme terrains. 

It fully answers the UN's call for improved rescue vehicles and meets the extreme mobility needs of humanitarian aid and disaster relief by operating across mudslides, earthquake sharps, tsunami beach barriers, avalanche, sand drift, scree, etc.) as well as extreme gradients and cross-slopes so providing new opportunities to rescue people and infrastructure that existing vehicles can't reach. And it will keep doing so in extreme weather when helicopters are grounded.  

Its from-scratch first-principles design eliminates legacy constraints to produce a vehicle of unmatched capability, that's intuitive to operate, is robust, easily transported, readily - rapidly - and inexpensively field repairable, has low ownership costs, and is fully digitally connected and fully amphibious. RETRIEVER fills the current mobility gap for a wide range of organisations world-wide.  In addition to search and rescue, RETRIEVER will be of interest to all organisations working in difficult terrains or extreme environments. For more information click on and select from the RETRIEVER tab above.

UK Innovate Smart Grant Award 2016

International Patents. Pending