RETRIEVER’s Features.

The Multi-Role Body provides flotation for RETRIEVER's Universal Hull enabling fully amphibious operation and multiple other features. Seats 12.


The Universal Hull, compatible with our own Multi-Role Body, offers an independently operable self-contained and self-propelled base platform to which users can, if desired,  fit their own bodies etc., to suit operational needs. It offers exportable power plus remote operation capabilities so creating new support and access opportunities and without risk to operating personnel.


Fitted with the Multi-Role Body, RETRIEVER is shipping-container / C-130 deliverable and capable of crossing the most extremely degraded terrains making it highly suited to search and rescue, the delivery of humanitarian aid, infrastructure support, and similar roles. RETRIEVER meets UK legislation for highway-operation, and is fully amphibious without preparation. The Universal Hull incorporates a unique water-drive system providing positional hold and precise 360 degree, any direction amphibious movement

A Vehicle Of Two Halves!