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What RETRIEVER Offers Your Business

Retriever incorporates patented innovations which bring step-change advances in mobility across marginal terrains - and it does so within a framework of robustness, simple and rapid repairability, and so lowered maintenance costs. There is a lot to RETRIEVER that we'd like to share with you - so please click here to learn more and let's start a conversation that we're sure will bring clear advantages to your business and operations. 

RETRIEVER offers:-


  • Fully modularity. All modules rapidly exchangeable so extending vehicle ‘up-times’

  • Road legal worldwide

  • Simple and intuitive operation

  • REEV electric hybrid offering electric drive or low CO2 operation

  • Significant exportable electrical power

  • Operable as a high-volume self-propelled mobile pump

  • Fully and robustly digitally connected


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