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RETRIEVER’s Features.

RETRIEVER is a versatile and wholly new platform offering  operators ready access across even extreme terrains. Its Universal Hull (UH) is fully self-contained and remotely drivable. It has the lightest ground-pressure in class, and with built-in 'Follow-Me' operation provides you with logistical advantages that are wholly unavailable using other vehicles. These include single-driver (or remote-driver) convoys, or allows you to move larger one-piece objects carried  between any number of synchronised RETRIEVERs in formation - even across sensitive ground! RETRIEVER's UH is optionally-amphibious and can carry a body of your own specialised design, or it can be fitted be fitted with our Multi-Role Body (MRB) which readily transforms and re-transforms between 12 seat minibus, van, crew-cabbed dropside truck, flat-bed platform, full height pallet carrier, stretcher bearer, and 45 other configurations, even including 'dive-platform', to ensure you always have the right vehicle on site!  All transformed parts remain with the vehicle to enable immediate further transformation on demand. Doors can be fully opened when used amphibiously facilitating safer and simplified water operations. 

Fitted with the Multi-Role Body, RETRIEVER is DROPS / shipping-container / C-130 deliverable and capable of crossing the most extremely degraded terrains making it highly suited for infrastructure support, search and rescue, the delivery of humanitarian aid, and similar roles. RETRIEVER meets legislation for highway use, and, where amphibiously specified, is fully amphibious without preparation. The UH incorporates a unique water-drive system providing positional hold and precise 360 degree, any direction amphibious travel.

A Fully Modular Vehicle!

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