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RETRIEVER’s Differing Configurations (Stand-On Track Guards Not Shown).

*International Pats. Pending. ** Any number can be linked.

1) Ready for containerised shipping: Two RETRIEVERs per container. Each is fully operational except track-pads removed.

2) Vehicles configured for min. height and width for C-130 transport. (3 off). Each is fully operational and drivable on landing.

3) At full-height demonstrating RETRIEVER’s substantial  suspension-height variation.

4) Full-height showing class-leading ground clearance.

5) Full-height / full-width providing high-operational stability with track-guard standing room to assist water rescues.

6) Configured to traverse extreme side-slopes. Track design prevents track loss*. Track inserts (not shown) provide required grip.

7) Readily physically linked without leaving the cab two** RETRIEVERs traverse an extreme gradient before travelling to differing destinations once the obstacle is passed.

8) Side view of Configs 4 and 5.

9) ¾ view of Config 4.

10) Min height ¾ view, tracks extended.

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