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A Unique Ground-Pressure Reduction System!*

This system enables RETRIEVER to reduce its ground-pressure on demand whilst mobile. Consequently it can be dynamically reconfigured whilst moving to cross very soft terrains to access people or infrastructure that would otherwise be unreachable. And since RETRIEVER can do this either with a driver on-board, or remotely, it creates new opportunities for emergency responders and businesses alike. It also means that where driven onto ground that suddenly becomes unexpectedly soft, reducing its ground-pressure enables it to either continue – or to be reversed out. Now you have options!

This same facility also enables users to reduce RETRIEVER’s loading height making access to the vehicle still easier and manual loading more readily and safely undertaken. RETRIEVER can be self-leveled, pitched nose up or down, or rolled side to side – with infinite variation to meet infinite situational demands.

Additional 'as standard' facilities include tracks that can be fully refurbished to 'as-new' condition at minimal cost - unlike other vehicles that require tracks to be completely replaced.  The track-pads actively suppress stone / grit ingress into the road-wheel path so extending wheel / tyre life and reducing replacement needs and cost. There are over 36 industry-significant step-change innovations incorporated in RETRIEVER's Universal Hull alone. 

* International Patent Pending

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